Frank Zappa

I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted/I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted


Matrix variation 1: Matrix A: ZR 1001-A-T2 WS7 73000A TIIII Matrix B: ZR1001-AM-CT2 WS 1 – 7300 AM TII (etched)


Pressing Plant: Columbia Records, Terre Haute, Indiana.


Matrix variation 2: Matrix A: ZR1001-A – 1A – / WS7-73000 – A Matrix B: ZR1001-AM 1B 1A WS7-73000 – AM (etched)


Pressing Plant: Columbia Records, Santa Maria, California.

The mail piece was sent to radio stations for promotion.

Matrix A: ZR-1001-S Matrix B: ZR-1001-M (etched)


Pressing Plant: Monarch Records Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, California.

Generic white sleeve.