All about the 45s

ZappaFrenzy are all about the 45s


We love those 45s and ZappaFrenzy’s mission is to document all single and EP releases by Frank Zappa. Everything from the early Pal studio years to The Mothers of Invention and bands/artists that Frank Zappa collaborated with. 

We try to dig as deep as possible and list dead wax information, pressing plants, figuring out the correct factory sleeves and other details of great importance.

ZappaFrenzy focus on the physical media and the production and the history about these fine items. If you want to know more about the unique single mixes, recording sessions, musical production, etc., i recommend you head over to Crossfire Publications and get copy of Ancient Armaments by Greg Russo which goes into this in great detail.


All of the singles you see on ZappaFrenzy is either provided by myself or by the many contributors. No pictures are “stolen” from the internet.


ZappaFrenzy provides information about official releases. You won’t find bootlegs or counterfeits here, only the “real ponchos”


Who is ZappaFrenzy?


ZappaFrenzy was created by Bjørn Olav Herheim in 2010 but the beauty of this site is that a handful collectors from all over the world shared information and built an enormous database together. This led to the discovery of a lot of items never before listed anywhere else.




Special thanks to (in alphabetical order)


Bengofury, William Brown, Håkon Busterud, Søren Christiansen, Dominico Giovinazzo, Hugues Gros, Dieter Jakob, Eelco Janzen, Alan Mansfield, Ton van Mierle, RJ, Kjell Rundlöf, Greg Russo, Hans-Peter Schmidt, Erlend Sundin and the Zappateers Community.