Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention/Frank Zappa

Du Bist Mein Sofa/Stink-Foot


Matrix A: WEA 19205-A PF MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY Matrix B: WEA 19205-B PF (etched, MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY is stamped)


Pressing Plant: Teldec-Press GmbH, Nortorf, Rendsburg-Eckernförde.

The stamp is most likely from a radio station.
“Eingegangen” is German for “received”. Here is what Hasi wrote at Zappateers forum:


” Erl. is most likely Erledigt, which means something like done, finished, cleared, completed, … “

Artist:                                 FRANK ZAPPA and        MOTHERS OF INVENTION
Order Nr.:                         DIS 19 205 N
Release date:                    8.8. 1975

A-Title:                              Du Bist mein Sofa                                        Time: 2:38
Writer:                               Frank Zappa
B-Title:                              Stink-Foot                                                      Time: 4:25
Writer:                               Frank Zappa

Producer:                          Frank Zappa
Country of origin:           U S A


Zappa with a title in german. Frank, who always has shocked the audience with his musical ideas
and ironic-snappy texts, will this time amuse both his english and german speaking audience with
his Nonsense- poetry. In this title, which comes from the new LP “One Size Fits All” (DIS 59 207),
can really be interpreted into everything. Or not.