ZappaFrenzy back from the dead

ZappaFrenzy back from the dead

All Frank Zappa Singles and Maxi Singles from the old site is finally here. I have decided to only focus on releases that involves Frank Zappa. Releases by artists such as Beefheart, Paul Buff, etc that does not involve Zappa will no be presented here. The old ZappaFrenzy site will be up so you can still view them there. I have also decided to only focus on Vinyl releases, so CD singles and cassettes will not be updated anymore. You can still access them from the old site.
I feel I can do ZappaFrenzy a lot better if it is not about “everything” but Zappa 45’s and 12” Maxi’s as it was intended from the beginning.

hope you will enjoy the site and find the information useful 🙂

more updates will come!


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