Ruben And The Jets

All Nite Long/Spider Woman


Matrix A: AA 6052 334 2W 1 â1973 670 L Matrix B: AA 6052 334 2W 1 â1973 670 L (stamped)

Label and picture sleeve images from Hans-Peter Schmidt.

Matrix A: 6052334 1 1 520 240773 04L Matrix B: 6052 334 2 1 520 240773 04L (stamped)

Matrix A: 6052334 A 1 520 221077 Matrix B: 6052334 B 1 520 221077 (stamped)

Thanks to Bengofury for the Scans of this alternate picture sleeve.

The label says, that this single is from 1973, but the matrix reveals, that the pressing is from 1977. Italian records very often have the date and year pressed between the run-out grooves.
The matrix information on this single is: 6052 334 a 1 520 221077. The last six digits tells, us that the matrix was made October 22nd 1977.
So why did this single get a rerelease? The printing on the sleeve shows the connection to an italian television program called “L’altra domenica” (Italian for “the other sunday”). I searched the internet and found video clips from this program on youtube, and guess what.. The title music to this program is “All Nite Long”.

Frank Zappa’s involvement


Frank Zappa produced both sides.