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How is it all categorized?


The singles are divided into categories and subcategories and then listed chronologically. The main Frank Zappa/Mothers singles and Maxi Singles are categorized in US label periods. For instance the Zappa Records period will have all singles that came out during that era even if they were released on CBS in Europe.


You can use the advanced filter to view Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention singles by tags such as Country, Artist, Label and format. I have not included tags for singles and maxi-singles “Featuring Frank Zappa” and “Various Artists”. This was to avoid an overwhelming amount of tag options.


A lot of useful information can be found under the tabs you’ll see just below the pictures of a single, stuff like title strip, alternate labels, promo stickers information can be found there.


On the old ZappaFrenzy site I listed variations of the same single version 1, version 2, etc. Now they are mainly named after where they were pressed since this is the main reason for variation.


Re-releases are listed under the original release. So if you want to see the 2012 version of “Big Leg Emma/Why Don’t You Do Me Right” you have to go to the original 1967 release page. Use the search function if there is a title you can’t find.